About Me

In the name of Allah (God), the Entirely Merciful, the Very Merciful,

As you could guess, I am a Muslim, a follower of mainstream Islam, also known as Sunni Islam. I am in my early 30s, am a graduate student studying to be a scholar, God willing.

I have started this website since, as a prospective scholar, I love writing and I care about sharing the knowledge and ideas that I find meaningful.

I also have a blog in Turkish, on which the posts will hopefully parallel the ones on this blog. If you would like, you could check it out too: Tefekkürya.


  1. Because this site is in English, I decided to write you in English too.

    I am Eyup Cetin. I was one of your followers in Quora. I was just wondering how you are, how things are going in your life. Personally, I miss your posts in Quora. Apparently you are not writing here either. I hope everything is okay. I just wanted to give you my best wishes.


    1. Thank you very much for asking how I am, and I am really sorry for the terribly late reply. I used to get notifications for these blog comments, but somehow Google turned them off on its own some time ago. I'll try to turn them up again, if I can, shortly. I've been to Quora briefly since that time, but I've been away from it for some time too. I am quite well (praise be to God). I've been doing the same job as before, and I'm indeed improving my self-control and general average mood through Socratic-Stoic-Cognitive Behavioral self-therapy, though a bit slowly until recently. I hope everything is all right for you too. I don't know if I am going to start writing posts here or answers on Quora again soon. I would prefer to do that, but I am not sure I will be able to arrange my time so as to achieve that. My best regards and wishes for you too.