Thursday, January 14, 2021

Stand up in Solidarity

This is the transcript for my first video on my YouTube channel Cogitationland: Solidarity and Equality.

As long as modern government acts both as a rich and coddling father for women and as a substitute husband for them and empowers women socially to the detriment of men, women will keep looking down on most men, the socially weakened sex.

Biologically speaking, a woman will always want her man to be socially more powerful than herself, so that the man will be able to contribute to protecting and feeding the less muscular woman and her offspring. As women are empowered against ordinary men, no men except the 2-per-cent upper class remain capable of fulfilling this condition for a woman's continuing respect and love, and therefore the human family becomes impossible to survive all this social engineering perpetrated by the rich and pampered --ostensibly in the name of women's rights but actually for the unjust and unequal aggrandizement of the rich at the expense of ordinary men like you and me.