Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Story of the Arab Spring as Tragedy, Betrayal and Hope*

I've had the chance to reconsider what I know and guess about the "Arab Spring" and the Syrian civil war upon watching a video that discusses them. The video is that of a talk given by an Arab Spring activist named Iyad al-Baghdadi. I don't know him and cannot comment on what kind of a person he is, but his speech was interesting, though a bit sentimental: Iyad el-Baghdadi - إياد البغدادي - The Arab Spring Manifesto. I believe that in one sense the Arab Spring was made by the common people of the involved countries but was hijacked by the Western "Great Powers" that used it to install new tyrannies instead of the previous outworn ones. In another sense, the opposite happened: It was made by the Western Great Powers, that is, their intelligence services and then was hijacked by the common people. Let me try to briefly explain what I mean by this.

In one sense, the Arab Spring was manipulated and derailed after it originally arouse out of the noble aspirations of a younger generation. Many in this generation could no longer tolerate the generally meek attitude of older generations in the face of tyranny (something that Iyad al-Baghdadi refers to in the video). So, in this first sense, that relatively idealistic generation were taken advantage of and their idealism for a more dignified future was hijacked when the Western intelligence agents among them incited them to rebellion only so that they would be easily put down. The plan was that a new generation of pro-Western secular-totalitarian tyrants instead of the previous outworn ones be installed. This worked or somewhat worked in most of the countries seriously affected by the Arab Spring. But there was at least one major exception: Syria, which brings us to another interpretation of the Arab Spring.

So, in a second sense, the Arab Spring was a masterfully laid-out Western political plot to redesign the Arab world but spectacularly backfired in some of its most important aims.  The Syrian youths proved to be a particularly resilient and tenacious bunch who fought on and on year after year, massacre after massacre, betrayal after betrayal by their supposed sympathizers in the Western and Arab world. In this sense, the Syrian opposition, or some of it, was able to hijack the Western-manipulated Arab Spring and use it as an opportunity for Islamic resurgence. The Obama administration, in obedience to the dominant globalist and neocon circles of power within the American bureaucracy, was the major betrayer to the Syrian opposition because, after all, its purpose had always secretly been to install just another secular-totalitarian and heavily Alawite-dominated regime after getting rid of the current one. Obama and his sinister bureaucrats had never intended anything other than abusing the energy and sacrifice of these Muslim youths to establish another tyranny instead of the outdated one. But then things got profoundly awry not only for the Syrian opposition but for everyone including the USA government and bureaucracy. The complacent and deeply foolish neocons and others dominating the US bureaucracy (and herding the elected government like a bunch of sheep) had never truly realized that the Syrian Alawites would never abandon the Assads. So, when the Americans told the community leaders of the Alawites that they'd keep them in power just in return for getting rid of Assad, most of the people they spoke to declined and sought Russian and Iranian help instead...

To prevent the Syrian opposition from using the Arab Spring for actual democratic aims, the American government and bureaucracy had to put an end to Erdoğan's New Turkey too. The Obama administration was so horridly treacherous that it didn't stop at promising the Syrian opposition help and not providing it seriously: It also took carefully and rigorously performed steps to cut off the major humanitarian support of the Syrian resistance in the north by trying to topple the Erdoğan government in Turkey through a military coup. The purpose was to install a pro-Western puppet alliance of the established Kemalists and the Gülenist cultists. The plan was perfect. By promoting Gülen's cultists, the supposed moderate Muslims, they would overthrow President Erdoğan and establish their tyranny over Turkey in collaboration with the Kemalists. In this way, the American bureaucracy would take much of the Sunni Muslim world under its own ideological (or "spiritual") control. Through the Gülenists not only New Turkey but Islam itself would be disposed of and replaced with a new faith designed by the American bureaucracy. As a Muslim, I believe that the plan failed precisely because it was too perfect: God would never allow such an extreme perfection of evil that defied his Kingdom over humanity and threatened to do away with his Law (that is, Islam), to prevail. Therefore, as a Muslim, I believe that it was God Himself who ensured that the Gülenists and their Kemalist allies be deeply humiliated during not only their perfect coup attempt but in its aftermath too. The said American bureaucrats might still believe that the remaining Gülenist officers in the Turkish military and police, in alliance with the pro-Western secularist establishment, may fulfill their deeply foolish expectation of getting rid of President Erdoğan and of his New Turkey. But most people in Turkey seem to agree that a new coup or overthrow attempt will not harm New Turkey but will only result in total and definite destruction for all those who work for the West within Turkey. God willing, New Turkey will keep moving forward, and so will the Syrian resistance.

This is the story of how the fighting went on and on in Syria between those who trust in God and those who trust in their own supposed power and how the hadith (tradition or report) from the Prophet Muhammad about a future tragedy making the living envy the dead realized. I've read in the Turkish press that those pro-opposition Muslims who have remained in Syria express aloud their envy for the dead and the martyred because of the catastrophe that they as the living have been going through. This may be the current situation, but some other reports from the Prophet suggest that the resurgence of good Muslims after a period of tyranny will begin in the North (ash-Shaam), that is, to the north of the Arabian peninsula, further raising the hopes of those who trust in God.

* Last edited on 12 August 2017 and, previously, on 27 June 2017.

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