Friday, October 14, 2016

Re-evaluating the Mendacious BBC and the Turkish Elitist Left after a Year

When I wrote my previous post On Understanding the Mendacious BBC and the Turkish Left-Wing Correctly, the November 1st elections in Turkey had not yet been held, and the July 15th coup that was to fail was 11 months away. It is now understood clearly that both the pro-Western left elites of Turkey and their White-Man masters were preparing for both of the two great events. With their belligerent publishing and broadcasting at the end of the "solution process" by which they made the PKK seem to be in the right and the Turkish government in the wrong, they were meaning to initially weaken our President Erdoğan by humiliating him in the eyes of the people and making him look bad and then to lay the groundwork for the next year's Gülenist coup.

Bear witness and pay attention to this: The left-elite circles in Turkey, who are in actual fact the capitalists and the bourgeois predominating in most of the media, the internet media, the educational system and the academia, tried to get in the way of Turkey's so-called "lower-class" children or, more precisely, to bring them under tight control in collaboration with the ringleaders of the Gülenist terror organization. In this way the leftist so-called elites were to preserve their old upper-class privileges while those children of the Muslim population who managed to remain Muslim -despite the "education" the elites imparted- would be brought under the control of the Gülenist organization so as to be brainwashed or suppressed. Moreover, I am of the conviction that if the July 15th coup had succeeded, the so-called military and police officers of the Gülenists would either kill and dump in a hole tens of thousands of Muslims such as myself who are "too educated and too headstrong" or would put us through torture and extinguish us. All the White-Man media in the West and in Turkey would be applauding these "pleasant developments" and this "democracy-building" (!). It seems that this was the plan.

They did not succeed, and they could not, for their plan was too perfect. God would allow a coup d'état to be made against Muslims, but they attempted to make one against God Himself. Namely, they made a flawless plan to bring Islam under their complete control and, in this way, to break down God's influence. The Quran and the authentic traditions from the Prophet would now be disposed of, and Muslims wouldn't be allowed to hear God's words. The deceived and repressed Muslims would do whatever Gülen, the agent for the USA, and his cohorts would tell them to. Therefore, at the hands of His believing servants, Providence has started bringing down the leftist so-called elites of Turkey and of course their double-dealing collaborators such as Gülen and his cohorts.

I hope that the well-meaning among the pro-White-Man leftist so-called elites understand what has been going on and begin behaving in the right way. I hope that they realize that the arrow of history has turned to another direction now and that the end of all this is already decided. Western powers cannot dare occupy Turkey for them, for not only is Turkey not a Vietnam but the White Man himself has long been retreating. Owing to the tremendous destruction of both world wars, the West has never again been as powerful as it was at the beginning of 1914, and it cannot be so. Moreover, its domination over the world has been increasingly weakening since 1945. One may choose to notice this and side with Turkey and Muslims, or one may choose to sink into blindness and foolishness, ruining himself in obstinacy. Just as the poet Sezai Karakoç says in that poem which has become well-known through the speeches of our president, "whatever they do is in vain: there is already a decision that has arrived through the heavens".

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