Friday, October 14, 2016

Re-evaluating the Mendacious BBC and the Turkish Elitist Left after a Year

When I wrote my previous post On Understanding the Mendacious BBC and the Turkish Left-Wing Correctly, the November 1st elections in Turkey had not yet been held, and the July 15th coup that was to fail was 11 months away. It is now understood clearly that both the pro-Western left elites of Turkey and their White-Man masters were preparing for both of the two great events. With their belligerent publishing and broadcasting at the end of the "solution process" by which they made the PKK seem to be in the right and the Turkish government in the wrong, they were meaning to initially weaken our President Erdoğan by humiliating him in the eyes of the people and making him look bad and then to lay the groundwork for the next year's Gülenist coup.